3 things to look out for in a web host

Security: Being an exclusive customer of dedicated server, you will be entitled to receive all security patches and upgrades. This ensures that your website is up and running without major security concerns. Dedicated servers provide unique IP address which can help in tracing out unwanted activities online. It also aids in implementing SSL certificates for your website when required. This is almost next to impossible in a shared server on any Australian web host.

Better performance: The same factors which contribute for higher reliability of a dedicated server also make it perform higher. Since all the resources are exclusively available for handling your intended traffic, performance will be effective. There is no need of sharing the available space and bandwidth with others. One can also be sure that they are not sharing server resources with some malicious or hacking website.

Flexibility: Purchasing a dedicated server for your Australian website offers you higher levels of customization. One can customize the server to suit the unique needs of their clients. The software and technology to be used can also be made flexible with dedicated servers.

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